Hearthwick – Soy Wax and Luxury Essential Oil Fragrance Blends

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Tell us something about yourself. What is your niche? Why did you start your business?

I am a wife to a road warrior and a mother to 2 beautiful children who drive me crazy most days. I have been a stay at home mother for 12 years. Being home, one can only clean and cook so much before life becomes a scene from Groundhog Day. I started out making candles as a hobby. I wanted something to fill my time. I wanted to create a candle that was safe and healthy for my family but also added style to my home. My hobby turned into gifts for family and friends and unexpectedly, a lifesaver. I am a surrogate, I have helped 3 couples complete their families. Four precious Asian babies brought into this world. 2 boys and a set of boy/girl twins! Aside from my own children. Those 4 babies are one of my greatest accomplishments. Back to chandlering saving my life, after my 2nd surrogacy, baby Michael, I suffered from Post-Partum Depression. Mind you, this wasn’t related to “being attached to the baby”. This was a hormonal imbalance. Making candles brought passion back to my life. It kept my mind busy, helped me release my creativity, gave me something to be proud of. Now, I have something to pass on to my children. I am able to show them that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

What type of products do you sell? How does your manufacturing process look like?

I sell all-natural candles. My candles are made with 100% soy wax. We use the highest grade essential oil fragrance blends. They are clean, free of toxins related to cancers and respiratory illness. Our wicks are zinc-free and clean burning. We start by cleaning all vessels. We carefully wick them and let them sit to adhere. While they are sitting, we heat up our soy wax to the right temperature, measure out our oils, and then gently blend them together. The wax is hand-poured into our vessels and sits for 2 weeks to cure. Curing candles builds the depth of fragrance the candle throws when lit. Making the perfect candle to fill your home with comfort.

What are some challenging aspects of your business? How did you overcome them?

The most challenging aspect of this business is that it is flooded with many other chandlers. In order to be successful, you need to be confident in your product. Make some special, unique, and quality.

What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur? What’s the hardest about it?

I enjoy creating! Mixing oils and creating my own scents. I have the most fun when my daughter asks to help me. Watching her creative juices flowing. Figuring out what smells good…. and what definitely doesn’t. HAHAHA! The hardest moments are marketing. Finding the right customers and getting the word out.

What are some beginner mistakes you made? What advice or words of inspiration would you like to share?

TEST, TEST, AND TEST. Always make sure you’re putting out a great product you can stand behind. Most importantly, keep pushing on even when you feel like giving up! You’ll feel like you can’t do it many times, just keep going. Building a business isn’t easy. It’s hard work! But it’s so worth it. Remember this quote “The fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest” -Deepika Padukone.

What inspires you while designing and/or creating new products.

Studies show that smells trigger memories. I remember moments of my childhood and what they smell like. Sugar cookies baking, the smell of fresh flowers in summer, caramel apples in fall, pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, a fresh-cut Christmas tree in December, and papaw sitting on the porch with his pipe and that sweet smell of tobacco. Everyone has a smell that brings back memories of the happiest moments of their lives. My passion is creating those moments for people and helping them do the same for their children.

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How did you get the background and skills necessary to run this type of business?

I am self-taught. I did a lot of reading and experimenting. I am confident in my chandlering but I admit I am still learning the business side of things!

What are some of the most effective ways in terms of marketing products to your customers?

It helps to learn your target audience. You can’t sell something someone doesn’t want. You have to learn what they like, their price points and you have to be consistent. The more you work on marketing, the more they see you and become familiar with you and connect with you.

What would you say are the key elements for starting and running a successful online business?

Consistency. Stay relevant in people feeds, work for return customers, and promote yourself. Be confident in what you are selling.

How do you personally define business success? Is it money? Freedom? Influence? Creative expression and innovation? Something else?

Business success for me is a mixture of money, freedom, and creative expression. Using my passion to help build my family up and create a better life for them is my main goal. That is what success looks like for me.

Describe your day-to-day operation. How do you manage your time?

I get up at 6 am. Have my cup of coffee and open my computer. I check my emails, print shipping labels for orders that are due to ship, and organize any new order invoices. I make breakfast and wake my kiddos up for school. We have breakfast together, get ready for the day, and then they are off to school. When I get home from dropping them off I start processing orders. When I am finished with that, I take the daily shipment to the post office. The rest of the day is for me to do my homely duties and connect with my kids. I answer any business messages or emails throughout the day. Once the kiddos go to bed, I plan my social media content for the next day.

How do you plan on growing your business? What is the biggest impact on your profitability?

My business depends on quality products. If I produce a great product, my customers will be happy. Customers are the most important aspect of a business. The #1 goal for an entrepreneur is a good product, the 2nd is customer service. Without customers, you have no business. When they are happy, they tell their friends and family, when they tell their friends and family, your profits increase.


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